The countdown is on for the first episode of NRL360 to take place since absolutely nothing happened over the weekend!

NRL360 is an Australian rugby league talk show that deals with the issues in the NRL and the wider football community. It began airing on Fox Sports on 6 March 2013, and has been causing great personal anguish and grievances for both footballers and fans ever since.

A true case study into the Murdoch media model, NRL360 is basically just a bunch of leathery old men complaining about what’s wrong with the world and somehow turning every single conversation into a discussion about political correctness gone mad – while a long-suffering host attempts to rein them in.

And tonight’s episode is expected to be a ripper!

With plenty of on-field and off-field discretions ripe for the picking, the first episode back after round 11 is expected to draw in record audiences. But why?

Is it the ongoing coaching crisis at the embattled St George Illawarra Dragons? Will they be prying into the deeply personal and private family matters faced by young footballers? Will it be another lengthy discussion about an NRL star switching codes to rugby union despite never once indicating that he’d like to?

Or will it be another long-winded criticism of the lack of class shown by Penrith Panthers players, who refuse to break down in tears and apologise to every team they beat?

Who knows! That’s the most exciting part about NRL 360. It’s impossible to predict which racial and cultural hot buttons the hosts will be ramming their stubby fingers into each week.

One thing we do know is, that tonight’s episode of NRL360 will be the first to ever be broadcasted live from inside a house made completely out of glass.

Footballers and fans alike will be gleefully tuning in to see how the hosts navigate this extra fragile new setting they find themselves in.

The Betoota Advocate reached out to Fox Sports for a comment about their imminent record-breaking ratings spike, but were informed that the network was completely unaware of any extra interest in tonight’s show.


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