The entire sportsworld is beginning to feel sympathetic to the iron Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle this week, as she continues to hold strong in the face of Israel Folau’s elite sense of entitlement.

The controversy was kicked off with a wildly homophobic Instagram post from Folau, in which he deployed misinterpreted scripture from The Bible to support his belief that homosexuals, drunks, fornicators and others will go to hell.

In what has now become a debate about the religious freedoms of all Australians except those who like to wear burkhas, Israel Folau has since raised over $2 million bitter Christian dollars to challenge Raelene Castle’s common sense-fuelled decision to no longer pay him money to play football.

Former colleagues of Raelene Castle, from her time as the boss of the ever-controversial Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, say that no one could have imagined so many hurdles in her new role managing the soft-handed concrete cowboys of rugby union.

“I’m sure she’d take a Bulldogs Mad Monday every day of the week over this shit” said Hazem ‘Bullfrog’ Mortimer, director of player-welfare-pathways-and-opportunities-and-community-liasoning.

“Israel Folau could be wearing a tutu and waving his cock around on an extremely visible inner-city pub balcony and he’d still be easier to manage then he is now”

NRL experts are putting down Israel Folau’s stubborness to the amount of time he has spent around elite private school boys and their red-nosed fathers.

“If a Bulldogs player was posting that kind of shit to Instagram, we’d be sorting it out the back of Belmore oval with jerry can and a box of matches” he said.

“This club has a strict policy on shutting the fuck up and all times and not making a dickhead of yourself or other people over your own perverted opinions”

“We’ve got too much else to worry about. Like not winning matches. I suppose The Wallabies have that to worry about too… Even with Israel”


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