Bosses at the National Rugby League are today contemplating the state of their league, after an interesting first round of matches.

Namely, questions have been raised about the NRL’s ability to sustain 17 professional teams after the Sydney Roosters turned out for an embarrassing performance yesterday afternoon.

Facing up against the might Dolphins, the east Sydney club offered up a limp 80 minutes of football, with many fans wondering if the league needs to be refined.

A Jamayne Isaako double, along with tries to the Hammer, Connelly Lemuelu, and the GOATed front rower Mark Nicholls saw the Phins dust the Roosters in a clinical display that fans have come to expect.

As a result of that demolition job from the vague non-Broncos Queensland team, the NRL news cycle is already discussing whether the Roosters might need to go.

“You just wonder if the league can sustain 17 teams, and the obvious candidate to cull is the Roosters,” explained local Rugby League radio product Jermaine Johnston on Desert Rock FM this morning.

“Spreading the talent at the Roosters around the rest of the league and tightening up the competition would protect the integrity of the league long term.”

“We all know there’s too many clubs in Sydney, and struggling footy clubs like Roosters probably need to drop down to NSW Cup if you ask me.”

The Sydney Roosters have yet to respond to the allegations, but their fans say their recent run of poor form is actually all the ref’s fault.

More to come.


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