Plenty have said that these are strange times, and those words cannot ring truer for Queensland sporting fans today.

With the nation in a state of purgatory with, residents of the Sunshine State are slowing coming to terms with the fact that their pride now hinges on the performance of the emerging AFL premiership favourites, the Brisbane Lions.

Despite only existing for a brief period last year, and in that weird patch after the turn of the century when they won the historic three-peat, the Lions generally go unnoticed.

However, with the Broncos in the much publicised dire straights, the Gold Coast doing what they do every year, the team from the Deep North struggling like a fly with wet wings, and Pauline kicked off the Tele, the Lions are now it for the state.

For a short moment, the Gold Coast Suns were offering some form of hope for parochial Queenslanders, but with the injury to Matt Rowell, that moment looks set to be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

“Yeah, it’s fucked. It’s the Gabbatior or bust now,” said one local Queenslander Darren Lewis.

“Let’s see how we go against Gee Long tomorrow aye.”

“Ah well, whatever, this year’s a write off now anyway.”

More to come.


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