One of the nation’s newest boxing stars is today preparing for his moment in the spotlight.

The new era Sydney socialite Jordan Simi is entering his final preparations to take on Queensland and Brisbane hero Justin Hodges.

With just two weeks prep under his belt the Youtuber, podcaster, artist and micro-influencer says he’s confident of taking it to the ‘old bull’ Justin Hodges.

The fight will be on the undercard of a heated matter of family business, as Nikita Tszyu (younger brother of Tim, son of Kostya) takes on Ben Horn (younger brother of Jeff) as the main event.

However, fans of a spectacle have today urged the man jumping in the ring with a State of Origin legend, to not walk the path of one of Hodges’ more infamous opponents.

“Obviously there’s gonna be a rush of adrenaline, but we really need to make sure he doesn’t Ben Creagh it,” explained Simi’s trainer to The Advocate today.

“Because ultimately there’s nowhere to go, and no one to come in and protect him.”

For those who aren’t familiar with State of Origin folklore, the incident in question involved former NSW Backrower Ben Creagh pushing Justin Hodges in Game 3 of 2009, before immediately backing away from a confrontation.

The move has gone down as one of the more memorable moments in Origin football, with Creagh endlessly heckled about the embarrassing dropping of nuts.

With no fights to his name, it’s now hoped that Simi won’t befall the same fate when confronted by a tearaway Queenslander with that look in his eye.

More to come.


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