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The latest viral # on social media is running it’s course today, as the nation begins to come to terms with the fact that 300 professional rugby league players will be descending on Brisbane this weekend.

In an incredible first, the NRL has decided to schedule all 8 games this round in the same city and at the same ground for some reason unknown to the general population.

It’s a decision which will see the squads of all 8 teams in the same city at once, and could have terrible ramifications for the game, and more importantly the beautiful Brown Snake.

With the first game to kick off tonight, and the last to finish on Sunday at 4pm, the city is bracing for a what could be a devastating 4 day period.

As the nation collectively holds it’s breath until midday on Monday, tweets with the #PrayForBrisbane have flooded social media.

“No idea what the fuck the NRL were thinking letting all the footy players converge on Brissy, let’s hope they’ve all be assigned minders #PrayForBrisbane” was one tweet.

“Sweet Jesus, this could turn into a scene for an apocalyptic style movie #PrayForBrisbane” tweeted another.

With the thoughts of the country behind the river city, we now watch on in anticipation to see what unfolds.

More to come.


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