The entire State Of Queensland has today begged Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith pull the jersey back on, in an effort to squeeze one more year out of the iconic eight-in-a-row dynasty.

With the magic of Meninga, Thurston, GI, Slater and every other stand-out from the once in a 100-year Origin squad now living off paid appearances at corporate lunches in Brisbane and billboards on the Bruce Highway – the current crop don’t look like they are going to be able to live up to the engrained culture of Queensland dominance that Smith was integral in creating over the last two decades.

“Please” said the entire state of Queensland, as whispers of selection now begin in the lead up to the June 5 series opener.

“Come on bro”

“One more year”

Smith rattled The North to its core last year by quitting representative football before the 2-1 series loss to New South Wales – a hurdle that the Maroons side hadn’t really considered until the very last minute, in true rugby league fashion.

While he has vowed to continue playing until he notches 400 games for the made-up club down south, Smith’s countrymen North of the Tweed are begging him to throw on the Maroon one more time, or preferably three more times, just to see us through the 2019 series.

With Queensland’s talent stable now scraping the toast after injuries to Jake Friend and Brisbane’s Andrew McCullough – even high-ranking QRL executives are pleading with Smith, who said ‘never say never’ to an Origin return on Sunday, to come to the rescue.

QRL chairman Bruce Hatcher has joined the droves of Queensland fans in begging the former Maroons skipper to come out of retirement for this year’s State of Origin series.

“Please” he said.

“Pretty please”

“The Blues have a backline of Ferraris. We need the trusty old Kingswood”


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