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As another weekend ticks over, long-suffering Parramatta Eels fans have something to celebrate this Monday.

After another lossless week, fans of the once mighty Blue and Gold are revelling in their team’s recent resurgence of form.

Following a weekend without failure, something Eels fans have become particularly unaccustomed to of late, many of the clubs supporters are beginning to wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s been nearly three months since we’ve been in the Wooden Spoon position,” said an excited lifetime member Peter Hindmarsh.

“I can’t believe I’m even saying this my self, but currently, we are in touching distance of the eight!”

“Which in itself is incredible considering last season. If the boys can keep lifting maybe we will be a chance for finals.”

Hindmarsh explained that the last few years have been tough, and there have been times where he has thought about blocking a few of his mates on all platforms.

“However, not this year so far,” he said.

“Brad (Arthur) seems to really have the squad humming.”

“I mean we are higher on the ladder than the Roosters, Panther and Bunnies which is pretty incredible really.”

“So hopefully this run of form keeps going.”

“And I can paste everyone who’s ever said ‘What’s the Matterrrr Parra Mattttttaaaaa (sic) to me.”

More to come.


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