A soft handed Blue Mountains boy named Luke Airth has today outed himself in front of a proper Western Sydney person.

Enjoying a Friday arvo beer and lunch with some colleagues, the young architect started to carry on about how excited he was for the game this weekend.

“Haha, I love the Panthers bro,” said the rounded vowel private school graduate who still follows the Super Rugby.

“Let’s go you Penrith Panthers”

However, the attempt at appearing to have his finger on the Penrith pulse caused my hassle then it was worth after a Kingswood man picked up on a huge mistake.

“Did you just say Pen- rithhhhh mate,” said the proper Western Sydney product to young Luke.

“Mate, you don’t even know how to pronounce it and you are pretending to be a panfers fan,” he laughed.

“You’ve never been down to Penrif plaza have you, ya you mountain goat.”

Quickly retreating, the bandwagoner then quickly laughed it off and tried to pivot towards One Four and some of the young Panthers boys.

“Nah seriously though, I’ve always gone for the Panthers, I used to love Jamie Lewis man.”

“Carn the panfers,” he said twitching and try doing a panther growl.


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