Mitchell Pearce’s selection for the 2019 State Of Origin series decider has been met with a mixed reaction today.

Is his head in the game? Does he really want it?

While many of the game’s greats think he has matured as a player and a bloke, both selectors and coaches are reportedly very aware of how volatile his place in the Blues side can be, particularly if they don’t win.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Coach Brad Fittler says his staff had approached close friends at the Australian Defence Force to provide a suitable standard of body armour, for Mitchell Pearce to wear if the Blues manage to lose a match throughout the three-game series.

“We just want to make sure he doesn’t pull up injured when he starts copping the flak”

“Because it will happen. He could score 6 tries and still be the reason we lost, according to the punters”

Local NSW die-hard, Johnny Lidcombe (45) says Pearce will never be as eloquent and handsome as his father.

“It’s got nothing to do with me living in the glory days!” he shouts.

“That kid is the reason we lost eight series in a row!”

“Even when he wasn’t playing, he was the reason”


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