A prominent rugby league ambulance chaser is the latest to experience the unbridled wrath of a hardly amused Wayne Bennett, during a press conference at the South Sydney home ground earlier today.

Stew Pitt-Kent, an outspoken NRL journalist and analyst who experiences sexual gratification by reporting on the personal woes of troubled young footballers, has today been left out in the sun on Redfern Oval, after being turned into ice by a death stare from the Rabbitohs coach.

It is believed Wayne didn’t hold back when dishing out his iconic hairy eyeball this morning, sending chills down the spine of every member of the media present.

It is believed that Mr Pitt-Kent was targeted by the supercoach after asking a dumb fucken question that didn’t need to be asked.

While discussing his thoughts on the Rabbitoh’s 16-10 win over the Roosters last night, Stew Pitt-Kent put his hand up to ask Wayne Bennett if he could draw any parallels between the 2019 Bunnies season and the current drama taking place on the Bachelor.

“Haha. Do you feel like you’re the bachelor giving out roses to your contestants?” asked Pitt-Kent, before being met with terrifying radio silence.

The journalist, now treading water in a completely quiet media scrum, attempts to regather by doing his best to add a more serious context to his question.

“As in, like, um, in terms of, ummmm… Like selections. Do you, umm, feel like it’s a bit of a reality show. For players that is. And ummm like, there’s an audience watching you?”

Wayne Bennett remains silent, still refusing to make eye contact with the bumbling journalist.

Stew Pitt-Kent keeps digging a hole for himself.

“Like, surely, it feels like a bit of a spectacle, like, with all these players to choose from?”

“Is it a bit like that?”

The 7-premiership-winning rugby league icon finally decides to engage with the fool. He briefly glances at him from the side with a soul-destroying look of disdain.

“No” he says.

Bennett then turns back to face the more professional reporters, who do their best to navigate around his now foul mood.

At time of press, Stew Pitt-Kent was still standing motionless by himself while defrosting in the southern end-goal of Redfern Oval yet – and the local house kids had began using him as a partially thawed tackle bag.


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