A local rugby league player has shocked the Eastern Seaboard of Australia today by returning to Bali in incredible condition.

This week, Clancy and Errol sat down with Beau Ryan to talk about the fabled NRL Off-Season (and plenty more), have a listen here:

The rising young talent named Brayden Sams confirmed to The Advocate upon his arrival back into the country that he took it pretty easy on the popular holiday island for the last couple of weeks.

Strolling back through the international terminal with gifts for family and friends and feeling fresh as a daisy, the promising centre said he just took the opportunity to have a nice holiday with his girlfriend.

“Yeah, she’s been really good to me over the last few years while I’ve been committing my entire life to getting paid to play sport, so it was only fair that we went together to have a nice time, and spoil ourselves a little bit,” he said.

“So I mean, obviously we were guilty of a few days just relaxing by the pool in the villa and chilling out and being pretty shit tourists, but you just need that some times.”

“Other than that it was really nice to take some push bikes up through the mountains up above Bali there and see the countryside and the temples and a bit of local culture.”

“It’s really quite interesting out of the hustle and bustle of Potatoheads and Kuta.”

“Because most of the Balinese are actually Hindu, and so it was really cool to learn about their spirituality and traditions.”

When asked about why he didn’t feel the need to get legless every night on the small island, Sams just explained that he pisses up a bit during the season and after it with the boys, so it’s nice to just have a couple of beers and chill out.

“Obviously a lot of the other guys like to drink to the point where they lose control despite the fact that they are professional football players who stick out like sore thumbs in these environments where dead shits try and deliberately provoke them and cause a scene,” he said.

“But I’m pretty thankful that I get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play footy, and don’t wanna jeopardise that by doing anything too silly.”

“So I normally just bender on when it’s just the boys in an environment where there aren’t punters with phones out everywhere.”


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