In a year of uncertainties the question of one man’s employment has been the paramount mystery of rugby league journalism. 

Despite the innumerous print and online opinion columns as well as a dedicated 24-hour TV channel featuring scores of ex-players discussing the 16 team league, not one individual has been able to figure out why Melbourne man Cameron ‘Cam’ Smith might want to hang onto his job right this moment. 

“Maybe he is just thinking about it,” stated Paul Kent, biting his tongue.

“Sometimes I have a think about things. Stop laughing Mick I do too.”

Yet in the two hour pre-pre-game early-bird Grand Final discussion panel, neither Kenty nor any of his fellow panel members were able to figure out why Cam Smith is reluctant to announce his retirement during a season made turbulent by a pandemic that has shut down the entire state he lives in.

“If you’re Cameron Smith, what’s going through your head right now?” asked Hoops, after explaining to Kenty that he is not asking him to actually enter Smith’s mind via black magic.

“I’d certainly be thinking about how old I am Hoops.”

In the following 90 minutes of discussion, Kenty and the boys were unable to identify why the game’s most experienced would be reluctant to confirm the end of his career every time he is asked.

“Deadset, I’ll fucking crash tackle him if he doesn’t tell us immediately after the full time siren,” said a fired-up Kenty.


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