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For the NRL executives who thought the scandals were over for another year, this morning has come as a rude shock.

The Betoota Advocate can exclusively reveal that another bomb shell is set to be dropped on the game, with the NRL Integrity Unit investigating a high profile player for bringing the game into disrepute.

The ‘serious breach of the code of conduct’ reportedly relates to a big name player telling a reporter that he is thinking long term and isn’t, in fact, taking ‘it’ one game at a time.

“Apparently the fringe NRL player who is in a team likely to play finals admitted that he was thinking long term about the year ahead and his ambitions for it,” a source told The Advocate.

The player’s comments come after an off season from hell, and break the long honoured tradition of speaking in sound bites at press conferences.

NRL CEO and arguably the most overworked man in the country’s sporting arena Todd Greenberg is set to give a press conference this morning confirming the investigation and detailing the game’s next steps.

The anonymous source at the Integrity Unit informed that they are taking the allegations seriously and investigating thoroughly.

“Yeah, I was beginning to look at taking some leave up the coast over Easter and having a bit of a holiday, but these latest allegations mean that that’s out the window,” the source said.

“I don’t know what he was thinking, next thing he’ll be giving a post-match press conference without giving ‘full credit to the boys,’ or admitting that the other team weren’t actually better than them on the day, but a few dud calls and bad luck cost them.”

“Anyway, we’ve got to get back to it,” said the source finishing his second dart in quick succession and walking back into the Integrity Unit.


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