Breaking news coming out of the Moore Park HQ this afternoon that Brisbane Broncos player Jake Turpin and Bulldogs star Dylan Napa are the centre of an NRL Integrity Unit investigation.

Nine News senior rugby league reporter Danny Weidler has said the following about the ongoing investigation.

“It relates to the rise of concerning blunt fringe bowl cuts that have been received by players through third party barber shops” he said.

“Broncos and Bulldogs officials have been spoken to by the NRL Integrity Unit, questions have been asked about these shit chops and who knew about them”

Weidler says the concerning trend of players requesting Star Trek like bowl cuts has left the clubs and their sponsors vulnerable to criticism.

“It’s called a Spock, or in Brisbane they call it the Turpin. It’s based off Leonard Nimoy’s character in the original Star Trek series.”

“It’s a fucking rude chop and one that the code is being urged to come down hard on”

“As far as we can see, the players have done nothing wrong other than to trial out this new haircut that makes them look like Cuban drug traffickers in 1990s Miami. The clubs are reportedly co-operating.

However, there may be broader issues that the NRL is facing, a number of players have reportedly finished the season with a visit to the barber, with many joining Napa and Turpin in bringing back the Spock.

Clint Gutherson has reportedly been linked to bringing back the Spock. As well as the now Warrington-based Blake Austin.

It is to be stressed, as Weidler said, that Turpin and Napa are not believed to be in the wrong and its their clubs that should have done more to educate them on what is and isn’t acceptable haircuts for role sporting role models.

While the players have been held in hiding by their management and were unavailable for comments, CEO Todd Greenberg has since addressed the media.

“We are trying to stamp out this culture” he said.

“The shit chops are getting out of hand”

“We haven’t seen anything like this since Karmichael Hunt triggered an entire generation of Polynesian footballers to rock the mohawk mullet with speed stripes” he said.

“We will overcome this. We introduced the no-fault ruling for a reason”

More to come…


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