As the NRL teeters on the edge, those in charge of the game are desperately trying to keep the ball rolling.

We spoke to Dr Norman Swan this week about what we should be doing in ‘these uncertain times’:

While there is countless work going into somehow keeping the season going ahead, others have been doing their best to ensure there is actually a marketable product for those wanting to watch the game at home.

While the empty crowds were a novelty at first, the bosses at the NRL have today revealed they are considering padding out the TV shots of the game with the crowds from Rugby League 2.

“It will really strike a nostalgic chord,” explained Todd Greenberg today.

“To quote the great Andrew Voss, I think people will struggle to find adequate superlatives to describe the performance of the virtual crowds once we implement them in the greatest game of all.”

“It’s a no brainer.”

“Also, anyone else wondering how the fuck Steve Price got on the cover of this game,” laughed Greenberg.

“I mean Pricey was a legend, but he’s not exactly a Benji in full flight for young kids playing at home is he.”

“Maybe cause the game had that kind of just run straight through someone gameplay.”

“Weird. Anyway, yeah Rugby League 2 crowds from next week.”



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