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In some breaking news out of NRL HQ this morning, it has been confirmed that the Brisbane Broncos will feature in either Thursday or Friday Night Footy every single week in the 2020 season.

Speaking to reporters today, in the first non-scandal related press conference since October last year, NRL CEO Todd Greenberg explained that next year they will save with the false pretences and ‘just put the Bronx on the free-to-air Thursday or Friday game from rounds 1-25.’

“We aren’t going to bother trying to split the schedule up too much next year,” he said.

“Rather than only give the Broncos a Thursday or Friday night game for 8 of the first 10 rounds, 14 rounds in total, we are just going to make sure they are on every single week.”

“Unfortunately for the players and staff at the organisation that will mean that they won’t actually be able to have bye weeks during the year, because we need them to play every single week.”

Greenberg then explained that it was an unfortunate schedule for teams like Newcastle, Gold Coast and Canberra, but that they will just have to slog it out in the shitty 3pm Saturday, or 6:10pm Sunday night games that no one apart from their die-hard fans really watches.

“Look, the rest of the teams in the NRL should be counting themselves lucky, we were considering giving them 25 home games as well but decided against it.”

“Maybe in 2021.”


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