The NRL looks set to finally solve it’s big video referee problem this week.

Following another controversial weekend, where a try that should have been awarded wasn’t, scrutiny around The Bunker has peaked once again.

The Bunker is the NRL’s video refereeing set up where the on-field officials send decisions up to the box with a heap of screens, at which point a couple of Bunker officials either make the decision way to quickly or way to slowly and begin to cop flak.

After another weekend of copping it from people who have never made a mistake before like Andrew Johns, Gus Gould and Steve ‘Blocker’ Roach, the NRL is set to hand the Bunker contract over to a new group of blokes.

As of this weekend, the bunker will alternate out of various living rooms occupied by half pissed blokes watching the footy.

NRL Head of Football Graham Annesley has announced that the new video refereeing decisions will be handed down by whoever shouts the loudest in the living room while reviewing the footage.

“Basically we will have a random group of supporters ready to go, the footage will play with commentary rolling in the background, and whoever raises there voices the loudest in regards to whether something should be a try or no try will have the final say on the decision,” he said.

“I’ve got a dummy account in enough Facebook forums to know that there are hundreds of thousands of Rugby League fans out there who could do a better job than our trained officials.”

“So that’s what we are going to do.”


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