In news that has rattled the nation to its very core, some NRL players have chosen to chase a paycheque.

This comes after the two remaining Gold Coast Titans players holding out on the flu shot are reportedly set to get the jab after having their lucrative pay packets threatened.

That threat came after the Queensland Government refused to allow any unvaccinated players who didn’t have a legitimate reason to refuse the vaccine to play in the NRL, which has had heaven and earth moved so the competition can restart and the boys can get paid.

The players crumbling follows weeks of Anti-Vax WAGS taking to social media to call medical professionals who are paid far less than their footy player boyfriends, liars, authoritarian actors, and even Nazis.

However, despite the active social media campaign to encourage people not to take vaccinations despite all of the actual medical advice available and to boost their fledgling social media followings so they can pyramid scheme other footy WAGS, it can be confirmed that they don’t believe in their alternative truth enough to miss out on getting paid big bucks.

“Yeah, they’ve forced us to fall in line with their agenda,” said one prominent Anti-vaxxer who could just as easily walk away from the game and go and get a job where a vaccination isn’t required, like millions of other people in our society.

“I guess I’ll just have to white-ant the game that’s given me everything,” he said.


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