Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has today breathed a huge sigh of relief.

This comes after the man responsible for showing more leadership on the bushfires currently devastating Australia than people like Scotty from Marketing was informed that Barry from Capalaba’s changed his tune on what he thinks about him.

“It’s huge for me, to know that I’m alright in Barry’s books,” explained the young man increasingly dubbed King Kyrgios across the country.

“It kept me awake at night more than you’d think, so it’s just fantastic to know that I’m alright in his eyes,” said the tennis star who kickstarted the sporting movement responsible for huge sums of money being donated to bushfire relief.

Kyrgios, who called on Tennis Australia to do something a week ago and pledged $200 for every ace he hits sparking a widespread call to action, said he’ll do everything he can to stay in Barry’s good books from here on out.

Following that, Barry, a 69-year-old retired accountant from the Brisbane suburb of Capalaba said he’s really pleased to see Nick Kyrgios ‘do something positive.’

The January tennis fan who was a couple of years ago echoing the sentiments of racist former swimmer Dawn Fraser, says he’s ‘glad to see the true colours of Nick Kyrgios shine through.’

“I knew he had it in him,” said Barry seemingly glossing over the extended period of time he wrote off the exciting tennis star in a sport full of players as bland as vanilla ice cream.

Barry explained that while Nick Kyrgios has consistently proven he’s a good-natured young sport’s star who makes headlines blowing a bit of steam off on the court and in his press conferences, he ‘didn’t like his attitude.’

“But’ he’s come round. He’s true blue that Nick,” said Barry.

“At least until he does something mildly controversial like swear at himself because he’s frustrated.”


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