The little pussies that make up the New South Wales rugby league establishment are today having a cry after finding out that Tino Fa’asuamaleau will not be punished for playing rugby league like a good honest Queenslander.

This comes after ‘Big Country’ was criticised for running as hard as he could into West Tigers star Api Koroisau during the Gold Coast Titans match against the West Tigers last night,

NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler has called out the Maroons star after his clash with Koroisau, saying the enforcer needs to have a “duty of care” for his opponents – which is absolutely hilarious.

Big Country has absolutely fucked up Fittler’s Origin plans, after leaving incumbent Blues hooker with a fractured jaw and ruling him out of contention for game 2.

Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens revealed in his press conference that Koroisau’s jaw was “badly broken” in two places and said he would be sidelined for at least six weeks.

Joey Johns, Gus Gould, and every other winging blue on those Fox Sports panels have also chimed in and joined Fittler in attacking Fa’asuamaleaui for playing football like a kid that was born and raised in Gympie, and only ever left that town because he was good at breaking peoples jaws while running at them while holding a football.

What appears to have incited even more rage from the south of the Tweed is the Gold Coast captain’s nonchalant attitude towards breaking people’s jaws.

“Nah mate, it’s a contact sport,” Fa’asuamaleaui told Maroons great Darren Lockyer when asked if he was worried about a ban on the Nine broadcast.

“I’m running as hard as I can and Api’s going in there to put a big hit on and he just came off second best.

“I’m hoping nothing comes of it and it’s just a contact sport at the end of the day.”

New South Wales just don’t get Origin, or even mid-season bottom eight NRL for that matter.


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