With an upcoming weekend of rep footy so chunky you could cut it, a couple of local families have made it known they might just be a little excited about it too.

Ranked 3rd in the world, the Mate Ma’a Tonga rugby league team have been known to draw a helluva crowd who display their country’s flag at a level that makes southern Americans look unpatriotic. 

One such family are the Latu’s of Betoota Heights who have shown their support of Mate Ma’a Tonga by peppering their house and car with more red crosses than a failed maths exam.

“You know, we’ve beaten New Zealand before,” stated mum Louise Latu, who had received zero prompting from our reporters.

“And Australia in 2019. I had to cut down how much I reminisced about it. Now I just do it once a day.”

At the time of writing, it is believed the Latu’s have applied Tongan flags to every exterior wall and window of their home and mailbox with special flags for their dogs hopefully arriving in the post today.

“We put a Kiwi flag in their as a sign of respect for hosting us at Mt Smart this weekend,” she laughed.


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