Australia’s schoolyard bullies and tattle tales have been issued a firm warning by the real world over the weekend.

The ultimatum, delivered by NRL coach Ricky Stuart, is that being a kid is not an excuse to behave like a weak gutted dog.

This comest after the Canberra Raiders coach launched into a stunning spray of Penrith Panthers star Jaeman Salmon, after the five-eighth was placed on report for a kick aimed at Ricky’s young interchange hooker Tom Starling.

Salmon’s on-field actions were not forgotten or forgiven at full time, and apparently neither was his actions as a young boy – with Sticky Ricky delivering an extremely personal attack in a press conference that has since gone viral.

“The James Fisher-Harris and Joe Tapine tackles are accidents and in this collision game I understand that,” Stuart said.

“But where Salmon kicked Tommy (Starling), it ain’t on.

“I have had history with that kid (Salmon). I know that kid very well.

“He was a weak gutted dog as a kid and he hasn’t changed now. He is a weak gutted dog person now.”

Stuart’s comments have since been circulated in thousands of memes and news articles right across the internet. The embattled Raiders coach is now facing criticism from both the Panthers and the NRL for telling us what he really thinks.

However, exhausted school disciplinarians and parents of nasty kids have this week praised Ricky for his honest and raw approach to dealing to weak gutted dog behaviour – especially from weak gutted dog kids, who many believe get off too easy.

Across the country, it appears that the age old punishment of ‘coal in the Christmas stocking’ will be now be replaced with ‘getting lit up by a fuming Ricky Stuart during a live post-match press conference’.

Weak gutted dog kids around the country are being warned that if they don’t get their act together, they will be receiving the same treatment as Jaeman Salmon when they grow up.

Ricky Stuart has since reluctantly apologised for his comments are multiple commentators and former players accused him of overstepping the mark.

Jaeman Salmon and the Penrith Panthers have reportedly sought legal advice over the firey sledge, which is kind of a weak gutted dog thing to do.


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