Thanks to some strong words from ex-cricketers and review into the culture of Australian cricket, sentiment across the nation is starting to swing like a brand new Kookaburra on a overcast Boxing Day MCG Pitch.

In the wake of the findings from a recent review into the state of cricket in the country, many across the nation have sensationally softened their strong views on the cricketer’s who were at the centre of the debacle.

Previously calling for the trio of Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and Dave Warner to be dealt with in a similar fashion to drug traffickers caught in a South East Asian airport, the nation is now asking for Cricket Australia to reassess it’s position.

This comes after the Longstaff Review claimed that the win at all costs culture in Australian cricket played a huge role in the ball-tampering scandal that consumed the nation.

The calls have been echoed by the Australian Cricketers Association who are demanding that the bans on the players who threw the country into a meltdown be lifted.

Local cricket fan Andrew Marsh told The Advocate today that we should be ‘letting the boys play.’

“I mean yeah, this group of players bought into the culture one hundred percent, and acted like autonomous beings when they were caught out cheating, but they’ve served their time,” Marsh said.

“I mean yeah only a few months ago I was calling for them to be banned for life, but I’ve softened on the whole thing.”

“I mean maybe we did overreact as a nation when we went nuclear on a couple of guys tampering with a ball during a game of sport. But at the time it did seem like the world was ending.”

If the bans were lifted the trio may be conveniently cleared in time to save us from being completely obliterated in the upcoming home series against India.

More to come.


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