In some breaking news out of Cricket Australia, the country’s greatest ever bowler has just been appointed as the Chairman of Selectors.

The sensational move from the cricketing organisation, see Trevor Hohns sacked with Shane Keith Warne appointed in his place.

The King of Spin was reportedly appointed as his successor in an effort by Cricket Australia to stem the bleeding.

After a tough loss to the Indians in Adelaide and an appaling series against Pakistan, the CEO of Cricket Australia Kevin Roberts told us that Shane was the only option.

“Like many others around the country we keep an eye on Shane’s Insta and Twitter, and it’s pretty obvious that he has been acting like a selector for the last 6 months,” Roberts said.

“So it made sense for us to the heed the calls of the nation and appoint him as the head of our selection committee.”

Roberts then explained that he had informed Warne that he would need to actually select full XI’s in his new role.

“I’ve spoken to Shane and he has been made aware that he can’t just pick 8 or 9 players and let some else fill in the blanks like he was doing on social media,” Roberts said.

“He won’t be able to just pick a team and leave the 3 and 4 spots empty because we have no one good enough to fill them, he has to pick a whole team, and we are really hoping he can turn things around.”

“We need Shane to fix this, if he wants to put the creams on we fully support that decision.”

More to come.




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