The 2018 FIFA World Cup gets underway this week and the nation’s soccer guys are ready for their time in the sun.

One local soccer guy, Tony, has waited a while for this.

While all of his mouthbreather friends and family have spent the last four years obsessing over full contact domestic football codes, and cricket, Tony has been doing his research on international soccer games – and watching about four A-League matches a year.

“Belgium are looking good to win it” says Tony, to his circle of mates who are only asking for betting purposes.

His mate’s girlfriend, Chloe, tells him she doesn’t care – and that all anyone really wants to know his if Australia will spend more than a fortnight over there.

“To progress out of the group phase, Australia needs to finish first or second in their group. Which is group C” he says smugly.

His mates nod while furiously bouncing between online sportsbetting apps.

“Group C is actually the toughest at the tournament. France are ranked seventh in the world, Peru 11th and Denmark 12th. The Socceroos are down at number 36.”

With two more Origin matches and a one dayer series against England still yet to come over the next month, Tony is acutely aware that he’s not gonna have many chances to talk about ‘his sport’.

“Wish this happened in February” he says to our reporters.

“That’s the worst month for sport in the calendar. I could have been king”


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