Thankfully, for fans of the game of rugby, the plucky All Blacks have managed to keep the Bledisloe Cup alive.

The Kiwis managed to do so with a lucky, opportunistic victory against the Wallabies yesterday afternoon.

That win, means the Bledisloe Cup is still alive with two matches to play in Sydney and Brisbane.

Which is great news for casual sports fans, who will get to see a live rubber in the final match up in Brisbane.

The Bledisloe is the best of four matches for some reason this year, meaning, the Wallabies wins at ANZ and Suncorp will be enough to win the trophy.

While the Kiwis are hopeful they can put a dent in the Wallabies New Era, they now have to take their 1-0 lead to the graveyard – ANZ Stadium.

Even the most amateur of rugby fans can tell you, there are three certainties in life, death, taxes, and the Wallabies winning at Homebush.

So feared is the Wallabies reputation at ANZ Stadium, that Springboks pulled out of the Rugby Championship this year, after clearly reading the writing on the wall.

However, All Blacks coach Ian Foster, has tried to remain positive, saying the All Blacks can break the hoodoo this year.

“Hey, utz fuffteen ageenst fuffteen, anythung ken hippen,” said the All Blacks coach after the win yesterday which say two Wallabies tries disallowed and a dirty shot on our Inside centre to injure him and send him off in the first half.

“The Bleduzloe uz live!”

Which is something we can all get around.


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