UFC Heavyweight haymaker, Justin Tafa, has officially been handed the keys to Logan – after his first fight back in Australia in nearly four years.

MMA experts around the world are today praising Tafa for his ability to Fortitude Valley his opponent in just over one minute.

Fortitude Valley, or The Valley, as it is affectionately known by Queenslander, is a renowned nightlife precinct wedged between Brisbane’s Chinatown and the CBD. The area is known for promotion of the arts, shopping precincts, dining options and nightclubs.

It is also known as the best place to find a blue in metropolitan Brisbane – and is recognised for producing some of the greatest bar and street fights in the country.

To ‘Fortitude Valley’ someone, or ‘Valleying’ is a colloquial expression used amongst Queenslanders to describe the act of engaging in unbridled hand to hand combat as hard and as fast as possible.

This cultural phenomena was on show for the whole world yesterday, as ‘Bad Man’ Tafa let his brick fists fly straight out of the gates in Perth’s RAC Arena.

As part of the UFC 284 main card,Tafa dropped his American opponent Parker Porter like a sack of potatoes at the 1:06 mark, echoing the highlight reels of Polynesian UFC pioneer Mark Hunt.

“If you reach, I have to teach” said Tafa after showing billions of people around the world just how the Logan boys get down after drinking Woodstocks for the entire hour long train to The Valley.

“That’s what happened.”

It is not confirmed which city will host the next Australian UFC card, but politicians and sporting figures are urging to see a fight in Brisbane that is actually sanctioned.

Front runners for venues to host the first Queensland UFC even are the Logan Hyperdome, Suncorp Stadium, or the Wickham street cab rank in Fortitude Valley.


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