As many around the country and the globe begin to panic, one local sports fan has been praised today for keeping a cool head.

While those around him in the Betoota Heights chemist frantically scrambled to grab as much hand sanitiser as quickly as possible, Brayden Clark made sure he picked the best one.

With an array of NRL themed sanitisers on offer (with sale stickers in front of them that are the exact same price as normal), Clark quickly scanned the shelf before picking up a Parramatta Eels themed hygiene product.

“It was a no brainer really.”

“There obviously weren’t any Warriors or Titans one because no brand would bother trying to wheel off those clubs, and all of the Wests Tigers ones were gone I think,” Clark said.

“So I picked up the one that would make sure that I don’t catch Coronavirus.”

“I mean it’s a Parramatta Eels sanitiser, so I won’t catch anything at all!”

“Poor old Parramatta, everyone’s talking them up this year, but it’s hard to see it being anything other than the past repeating itself.”

“Ah well, anyway, I’m just glad they’ll be keeping me Coronavrius free!”


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