One of Betoota’s most prominent homosexuals, Jordie, has today declared that he’d gladly face a fundamentalist Christian afterlife if Israel Folau jumped the fence.

This comes after the happy clapping Wallabies player sparked a social media furore last week after writing that gay people were “destined for hell unless they repent” on an Instagram post.

However, Jordie says that somehow this has done very little to hinder Folau’s standing as a homosexual icon.

“He’s still so hot” said the 29-year-old restauranteur.

“I mean, I’d almost dabble with hell if I could see all of those tatts”

This kinds of comments are reportedly making Folau feel uncomfortable, and reconfirming his views that gay people should spend their eternity in a firey, hellish purgatory. However, Jordie stands by his claims that ‘Izzy’ is a well put together young man.

“I don’t think hell would be as hot as seeing him shirtless in those post match pool sessions for the Wallabies” said

Folau met with Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle and NSW Rugby counterpart Andrew Hore to discuss the fallout, but did not front the media.

Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle defended the player, telling reporters the talks were open, calm and honest – and for gay people to please stop sliding into Izzy’s DMs for flirty arguments.


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