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Anthony Mundine’s claims that he can beat anyone in a boxing fight have made sense to a Betoota Grove man this morning after he completed his first boxercise class at Silver’s Gym.

Matt Buxton (29), a weak bloke by anyone’s standards, came steaming out of the gym filled with adrenalin and a false sense of skill following the hour-long hit out.

The Advocate managed to catch him briefly to talk about his newfound skill.

“Oi, I totally get it now”

“When you’re punching the bag you’re the baddest cunt [sic] that ever lived”

“I’ve got a pretty deadly right hook.”

The actual skill and power of Matt is yet to be confirmed but given it’s the first time he’s put on the gloves and boxing is a skill that’s crafted over a lifetime, it’s highly unlikely that he could even fight his way out of a paper bag.

Reports from Matt’s financial services workplace say that Matt has been shadow boxing through the halls and has already propositioned three people to fight him.

It’s believed he’s also been walking around making the ‘iss, iss’ noise, sometimes when shadow boxing but often out of context. 

Matt’s due to take part in his second boxercise class tomorrow, we’re told his colleague is going to surprise him there to see if he’s as good as he thinks he is.

We’ll update this story as it unfolds.

More to come. 


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