He’s done it!

The King has silenced the crowd, with an emphatic performance on the biggest stage.

LeBron James has just won another NBA Championship, defeating the Miami Heat 4-2 in the Finals Series.

And in doing so, The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has officially passed Michael Jordan in the GOAT debate.

The Greatest Of All Time debate has raged on for the last few years, with Michael Jordan holding the title – until this morning.

Many in the flawed ring-driven discourse that is American basketball had previously refused to believe that LeBron James could take the title off Jordan, citing the Bulls player’s unblemished finals record and 6 rings.

However, with LeBron winning his FOURTH championship at his THIRD franchise, the uneducated armchair critics that pretend to be an authority on basketball can no longer just blindly chant ‘rings, rings, rings.’

Aside from the fact it’s the GOAT debate rather than the BPOCOAT (Best Player On-Court Of All Time), LeBron now has the NBA finals record to prove he is better than Jordan – adding to his off-court accomplishments.

“LeBron took the Cavs to the finals with guys like Ilgauskas,” said someone who knows what they are talking about.

“Do you know that name? No, you probably don’t cause he’s a nobody?”

“Whereas Jordan never won anything without an all-star cast to carry him.”

“Imagine if LeBron had Scottie Pippen alongside him instead of Tristan Thompson?”

“Where are Kyrie and Kevin love now they don’t have LeBron?”

“I could go on all day, but it’s pointless. You either get it, or you are stupid.”

“Just because all these people watched the Last Dance they think they know everything about basketball.”

“I’ll let you in on a secret, they don’t. Anyone who knows anything about basketball can now confirm that LeBron is, without doubt, the Greatest Of All Time.”


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