With major sporting leagues such as the NBA and EPL suspending their seasons indefinitely, it can almost be guaranteed that the chaotic National Rugby League will not be as quick and as smooth in managing their players and business interests during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Round 2 onwards to be played behind closed doors, the NRL are now looking at other options to protect their players and officials from contracting coronavirus.

At this point, the game will have to either forfeit the 2020 season, or play with 15 teams – after the New Zealand Warriors players chose to go home – rather than play the rest of the season based out of the NSW Tweed.

However, there are still a few options before they get on the flight.

Over the weekend the competition’s Commissioner, Peter V’landys, revealed he has received several stunning offers from rugby-league obsessed resorts and hotels who are willing to host every club while the crisis unfolds.

After hours of video-link boardroom meetings, it seems the NRL have decided on the best option going forward:

Relocating every club to Straddie for the next 6 months.

Club staff, players and players families are all invited to join ‘The Winter Camp’ – which will see the entire competition based off the coast of Brisbane until the grand final.

All matches will be played on Ron Stark Oval at the North Stradbroke Allsports Centre – and families will be housed in moderately priced Airbnbs on the beachside of the island.

Bachelor footballers will be accommodated in the Amity Point caravan park.

“This is the best move going forward. We can see nothing wrong with our idea to put over 600 rugby league players and rugby league wags on an Island for 6 months. It’s going to be the easiest way to keep ourselves afloat” said the Commissioner.

“We might throw the womens teams in the mix as well. Really spice things up”

V’landys and CEO Todd Greenberg are yet to comment on Channel Nine’s requests to take cameras over to the island with them and film what they believe will be the greatest reality program of all time.

“Not sure about that one yet” said V’landys.

“I’m still thinking about how we convince 100 young families to just uproot and move somewhere else for 6 months like Irish backpackers”

“It’s still looking like a goer though”

“Ladies and gentlemen. This. Is. League. Island!”


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