Rising NRL superstar, Latrell Mitchell, will break all records in the history of organised sport next year – as hysterical sports journalists report that he’s expected to play over 100 different NRL matches.

According to the rabid media speculators, including the creeps that work for the social media team at, the Sydney Roosters fullback has signed five different contracts with five different clubs next year.

When considering that the 22-year-old will more than likely land himself three Origin jerseys, as well as a handful of matches for the Kangaroos and Indigenous All Stars – Latrell Mitchell is looking down the barrel of a 130-match season.

This equates to over 173 hours of full contact rugby league, or an calendar entire week of non-stop NRL gameplay.

That is, providing he can avoid any injuries, which statistically speaking would be very difficult for any player.

According to the rock solid reporting of Fox Sports, Nine, 2GB and those deep-fried NRL meme pages: Latrell Mitchell will be playing for both the Wests Tigers, Bulldogs, Cowboys and the Bunnies – all while remaining at the Sydney Roosters.

Channel Nine are also reporting that Mitchell has signed a 10-year-contract at all of these five of these clubs, meaning that by the time he turns 32 he will have played 1100 NRL matches. Roughly 700 more than the current record-holder, outgoing Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith.

Latrell Mitchell has come out today and publicly questioned how he is supposed to be in more than two places at once, while also playing in different jerseys throughout the next season – particular during the the NRL rounds where he is expected to run out onto the field against himself in two different cities on the same night.

The NRL media have responded to Mitchell’s fairly valid comments by saying that he is ‘volatile’ and ‘immature’ – before immediately publishing a spree of articles supporting claims that all five clubs have cancelled contract negotiations with the brash young footballer.


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