The great State of Queensland has today thrown its support behind Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk ahead of the Origin decider. 

With everything on the line, and the NSW Blues at least six series away from matching the height of sporting achievement that was 8 in a row, the Premier has allowed a full house at Lang Park.

This comes after the premier who refuses to open the border to the southern rival due to health concerns, revealed that the Origin decider will be played in front of a 52,000 capacity crowd. 

“This is absolutely necessary,” said Paluszczuk to a press scrum today. 

“If it was a dead rubber, I wouldn’t waste my time. But this is a live game 3,” she continued. 

“And, dare I quote the one eyed Gus Gould and say that an Origin decider is the pinnacle of sporting spectacles? An event of gladiatorial proportions that simply can’t be matched?”

The pack of reporters generally nodded in agreement. 

“And dare I say that as Queenslanders, we want to pump those cocky southerners?” she said to growing murmurs. 

“And that, it’s worth letting a full crowd into Lang Park to make sure we have a fully fit 18th man to give it to the State that has all the money, all the resources, and a far larger player pool,” she continued to cheers. 

“So, yes it makes sense to let the largest crowd of the Covid Era pack into a place of worship, while we continue to block to dirty infected Sydneysiders from entering our great state”

“Get your tickets, and fill that place where NSW teams go to die, right up to the brim!”

“Let Cam Munster walk out through a sea of Maroon like a modern-day Moses, and get to work doing what he does best.”

“Qwwwweeeeeeeeeennnnnslandddaaaaaa,” she finished to rapturous applause.


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