The Land Of The Rising Sun is ecstatic today, after witnessing 23 of their fastest and strongest servants unlock their dormant Saiyan powers.

This comes after the Cherry Blossoms defeated Scotland the Brave 28-21 in last night’s rugby world cup finals qualifier, with the Japanese putting on most of the hurt in the first 30 minutes of champagne rugby union.

The 80 million people watching the game live and at home gasped last night, as the entire Japanese side, including coaches, assumed an advanced transformation that saw a golden glow surround each man as their hair turned blonde.

The ability to become a Super Saiyan was once considered to be nothing but a legend, as it had not been performed outside of cartoons for over one-thousand years.

In the relatively-modern Japanese folklore of Dragon Ball-Z, Super Saiyan in considered to be a level of power so overwhelming that it could only be maintained in a transformed state.

Last night was the first time this phenomena had been seen on a football field, as the Cherry Blossoms gave the rest of the rugby world something to be very nervous about.

Having won all four of their matches to top Pool A with 19 points, the World Cup hosts are playing the best football they’ve ever played – with almost no dropped balls and heat-seeking defence.

Japan will now face South Africa’s Springboks again in the quarter-finals, for the first time since they humiliated them with a shock defeat in the 2015 world cup, which up until last was the greatest achievement in the history of Japanese rugby.


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