The Prime Minister of New Zealand is today facing a potentially career-ending crisis.

Jacinda Ardern has moved to try and bring calm across the nation after rioters took to the streets over the weekend.

With cars and buildings smoldering in major regional villages, Ardern has implored the public to trust that things can be turned around.

“Please, I urge everyone to remain calm, we will get on top of this,” said Ardern at an emergency press conference this morning.

The unfolding events have spiraled in the last 48 hours, after the ‘best team in the history of the planet’ sunk to its second consecutive loss to the Irish Rugby team.

It was a second consecutive thumping loss as well, with the All Blacks never looking like winning either of the 2nd and 3rd tests.

That saw the All Blacks lose a full three-game series on home soil for the first time in decades, throwing the country into a full-blown recession.

Understandably public reaction was fierce, with Kiwis taking to the street and social media to voice their anger at the public failures.

The coach of the All Blacks has somehow not been sacked, but a decision is expected in the coming days, with Prime Minister Ardern fully aware there needs to be a scapegoat for the ‘greatest public policy failure in living memory.’

“This is worse than the time we got robbed against the French in World Cup Quarter Final, at least that time the ref cheated us out of the game,” said Ardern to The Advocate today.

“This time around it’s much, much worse.”

“But I implore you that we will get on top of this, and the reign of darkness will return to World Rugby.”

It remains to be seen whether that plea will be heard and accepted by the nation.

More to come.


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