Israel Folau has continued working on setting himself up for a life after football by putting another feather in his cap as a potential Sky News After Dark Host.

The former Wallaby who said ‘hell awaits gay people’ has now controversially refused to take a knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

Israel Folau was the only player not to kneel before kick-off as his Catalans Dragons lost to St Helens with the UK Super League restarting its season.

The star who picks and chooses which parts of religious script to follow according to his own indulgences, has yet to explain why he didn’t take part in the show of solidarity that pretty much every major sports star has done over the last few weeks and months.

However, while Folau has caused plenty of people to sigh at his latest attempt to grab some attention, it’s believed the comments sections of News Corp article have him firming for a role as a Murdoch commentator.

“If he can come out today and vaguely justify why he didn’t show solidarity, and find a way to ram something in about All Lives Mattering, then the job is as good as his,” explained an anonymous Murdoch insider.

“We’ll ghostwrite him columns in the paper every week to stir up the culture wars that we think working-class people give a fuck about, and have him mumbling in on the Sky News panel while Rowan dinner strokes his leg and gnashes his teeth as the good looking young athlete says things that turn him on.”

“The only issue is that as a Rugby League player Israel has actually come from a working-class background, and spent a lot of time around working-class people, which is a problematic thing for a Sky News employee.”

“He probably likes mass-produced beer too”

“Oh god”

“We’ll have to work on that.”

“Anyway, if he is willing to jump on board and attack any issues that seemingly are driven by progressive ideologies, we can make an effort to iron that stuff out.”

“It might be all in vain anyway given our consistent slide towards insolvency, but we’d rather do that than let a black man or woman on the air.”


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