Derek Wilson has today lived up to his namesake.

The 70-year-old semi-retired plumber and Collingwood fan did so by telling a couple of old boys at the pub that he ‘wouldn’t have a problem if someone called him a chimp.’

The nonsensical comment came from the bloke who reckons Pauline Hanson’s just ‘saying what were all finking’ after the issue of Heritier Lumumba came up in conversation.

Lumumba is a former Collingwood premiership player and All Australian who recently brought up his issues at the club, where he was called a ‘chimp,’ made the subject of racist jokes, and bullied for trying to speak out about the systemic and ingrained culture of racism at the organisation.

“I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with it,” said the man selectively ignoring a thousand or so years of history and pretending he doesn’t understand the racial connotations of ‘chimp’ as a racial slur.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t care,” he continued as if he didn’t join the movement to force Yassmin Abdel-Magied to leave the country cause she took a shot at the ANZACs, cause she probably wouldn’t have been offended if someone said it to her.

“Like toughen up princess,” said the bloke who loses his brain anytime someone insults the ANZACs, police officers, the catholic church, males for their track record on gendered violence, the Australian flag, his work ethic, his blatant environmental vandalism, his intelligence, Australian culture, statues and his version of the Australian history.

“Nah, Lumumba’s a flog mate,” he followed up, trotting out his favourite word to use when he wants to be racist about a proud non-caucasian man but doesn’t want to get called out for it.

“Deadset, like most of the other blokes at the club reckon it wasn’t that bad. Eddie reckons it was all good,” he said referring to the man who suggested Adam Goodes should be on the poster for King Kong movie and tried to blame Goodes for calling out the face of racism in Australia.

“I reckon he’s just being a bit of a sook aye,”

Derek then continued on pretending he wouldn’t go to water if Heritier walked into the pub, before probably asking him for a picture and telling him how great a player he was.


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