Australian handyman and home maintenance franchise Hire-A-Hubby, have today unveiled a new service sure to plug a void in alpha-less households around the country.

The new package includes basic mentorship for any son’s and daughters who are taking part in kids sports without any overbearing father-figures to override their coach’s instructions and threaten refs both psychologically and physically.

The “Abuse Volunteer Referees At Your Son’s Football Match” service has been a long time coming, says HAH CEO Johnny Goodbloke.

“For too long our nations fatherless and fathered-by-graphic-designer kids have been showing up to relaxed co-curricular activities without any overly-competitive spectators to ridicule the refs”

“But this service will provide much, much more”

Goodbloke goes on to explain that the new Hire-A-Hubby package will also include workshops to show kids how sharpen the studs on their footy boots, as well as rub deep heat in the eyes of their competitors.

“Not to mention the hijacking the half-time pep-talk by encouraging unbridled violence against the opposition”

While HAH confirm they are working on training their employees in other skillsets that may prove valuable to kids sports, like slicing oranges and washing team jerseys – for now the service is purely focused on anti-social sideline behaviour and making the youngsters walk home after a loss.

It is believed the new service will be more than affordable, and only costs 10% of the household budget, which can be transferred into online betting accounts.


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