Australian canoeing guns Tom Green and Jean van der Westhuyzen have managed to hold on to win gold medal in the exhilarating K2 1000-metre sprint at the Tokyo Olympics.

After taking a strong lead at the start, the boys were neck and neck with the Czech Republic and Germany for the final 400.

The Austalians had a time of 1:34.54, just a nose ahead of Germany’s Max Hoff and Jacob Schopf who crossed the line at 1:35.71 for the silver.

This comes a day after they shattered the previous Olympic best time set by Italy over two decades ago in Atlanta.

It is Australia’s 16th gold medal, and one of the very few won by men.

As one of the real nail biters of the 2020 Olympics, the nation exhaled alongside these specimens when they finally crossed the line.

On top of the gold medal performance, those watching at home were also very impressed by the pipes hanging off these water-based medalists.

Have a go at the arms on em.


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