A family breakfast in Betoota’s Flight Path District was interrupted today, after a local grandfather was reminded that the greatest cricketer to ever live is no longer with us.

62-year-old fitter and turner, Keith Stellios, alway knew that this was going to be a tough time of the year.

With international cricket on almost every screen and news update, and a summer of test matches ahead of him – it is impossible to block out the bittersweet memories of Shane Warne.

It’s been long over 6 months since the painfully untimely passing of Australia’s most decorated sportsman, and suburban patriarchs around the country are still well and truly in the middle stages of grieving.

This was on display for all at the Mocha Cafe and Kytheria street this morning, as a mundane conversation between Keith and his daughter-in-law jagged his memory back to King Of Spin.

So raw is the loss, that Keith says that even the most uninteresting celebratory gossip reminds him of Shane.

It’s believed this morning’s bout of grief was brought on by a conversation about Hollywood couples.

“Sooo yeah…” says his daughter-in-law, Kelly.

“Pete Davidson is this comedian from America who used to go out with Kim Kardashian… You know who she is right? Well she’s much older. But before her he was seeing this girl called Ariane Grande. She’s a really hot pop star. And before that he was with Kate Beckinsale”

“Righttt” says Keith, unaware why his son or his wife think he needs to know any of this shit.

“But get this right!” says Kelly, while feeding the youngest grandson a mouthful of muesli.

“Now people are saying he’s with this other really hot model chick called Emily Ratajkowski. She’s like the hottest chick in the world”

Keith nods along.

“Good on him” says Keith.

His son Brendan joins in on this pointless conversation about tabloid rumours.

“Yeah, dad. You should see the bloke. He’s not much chop but Christ he’s rooted a few stunners”

“The bloke’s a machine. One of the greatest pantsmen in the world”

Keith immediately pauses and stares off into the distance.

Both his son and daughter-in-law realise what’s happened as the old man lets out a sigh. All this talk of larrikins batting above their average with women has brought on an overwhelming wave of grief, as Keith begins thinking about Warnie again.

“Awww bub. Are you alright?” asks Kelly.

Keith sighs again.

“I just miss him. That’s all.”

“Summer won’t ever be the same again”


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