Brisbane was absolutely pumping over the weekend, with more than 100,000 fans cheering on both the Broncos and Lions in their supercharged premiership tilts.

From Suncorp Stadium to The Gabba, the city was awash with the very similar colours of both the local AFL side and the local NRL side for the entire weekend.

With the Brisbane Lions and Brisbane Broncos among the premiership favourites in their respective codes, the Leaguies put an absolute hiding on the Melbourne Storm with 26 unanswered points on Friday, meanwhile the Aussies Rules boys dusted off Port Adelaide on Saturday to move within two wins of breaking the club’s 20-year AFL premiership drought.

With the city buzzing with that feeling of indisputable sporting glory that Queenslanders know all too well, the age old divide between the NRL fans and AFL fans has vanished, with the entire city well aware that the tide rises together.

In fact, the rugby league heartland has been so accomodating to their lesser known AFL brothers, that they even invited Lions fans to join them on Caxton street after their teams win on Saturday.

As a sacred rugby league precinct, known for hosting some of the rudest heads in the River City, overwhelmed hospitality and security staff were blown away by the rare sighting of some good looking people in the Caxton pubs over the weekend.

“Yeah, really caught me by surprise” said one local bartender.

“I’m used to serving blokes with heads like kicked in biccie tins”

“But there was actually some stunners in the front bar on Saturday night”

“The sheilahs were alright too”

With Brisbane’s AFL fans having a reputation for basic hygiene and fitness routines, the boost in attractive people in the venues surrounding Suncorp Stadium over the weekend can only be explained by the fact that Broncos fans have let the AFL crowd join them to celebrate finals footy.

One bouncer said it was also rare to deal with patrons who use their words during physical confrontations.

“Bro” said the seccie.

“There were blokes with actual jawlines… Talking their way out of punch ons”

“I thought it was the Matty Johns show filming a skit or something”

“These people are beautiful”


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