In some news from the glitter strip today, it can be confirmed that the Gold Coast Titans promotional video is nowhere near the most offensive thing the team has done in the last few years.

The Titans are under fire today for posting a ‘hype video’ of starlet AJ Brimson dancing to the popular song Suge by Dababy, in what was an obvious attempt to appeal to the younger demographic.

However, the club has been forced to apologise after realising the promotional video with the backing track contained plenty of explicit audio.

With the N-word featuring 6 times in the little video and some appalling dancing from Brimson, it was then that the nation was asked to remember that this blunder is nowhere near as offensive as 8 years without finals football and two wooden spoons.

“Yeah, that video was pretty dumb, but fuck, the last 8 seasons of footy from the Titans has been far more abrasive,” said one transient Titans fan and Gold Coast resident.

“Hopefully they can get things together this year, but given their track record I doubt it. Atleast this PR blunder’s getting them some media that isn’t about how poorly they are expected to perform this year and how they missed out on another signing.”

More to come.


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