The French-based Super League club The Catalans Dragons have this week announced the signing of yet another controversial Australian who would not be able to find work without them.

As most clubs in the Northern Hemisphere rugby league comp appear to be deeply unsettled with controversial Australian star Israel Folau’s entry into their competition, their concerns did nothing to stop the crowd of 9,000 who packed out the small Perpignan stadium to see his debut on the weekend.

His club, the spectacularly apathetic Dragons, have made it clear that they don’t give a fuck about his very vocal opinion that all homosexuals will go to hell, especially if they can keep winning games by twenty point margins.

The Southern French city has resisted calls from the many Northern English clubs in their competition who are urging them to show solidarity with the game’s LGBTI fans, and have today announced similar plans to spit in the face of unpaid hospitality workers.

Disgraced former TV chef George Calombaris has today been announced as the new resident chef at the Catalans clubhouse.

This contract comes as a lifeline for Colambaris, after handing over his restaurant chain to creditors following the decline in business that followed his admissions to underpaying more than 500 current and former employees by several million. He was also fined $200,000 by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The bad boy of Melbourne’s restaurant game is expected to be serving up an array of parmies, shnittys, steak sambos and other prominent rugby league cuisines like chicken strips in his new role for the club.

While the Catalans Dragons are under fire for their new habit of signing every disgraced Australian that knocks on their door, including Margaret Court, the club also has a growing number of supporters. Including Prime Minister Scotty Morrison

Much like the Folau saga, Scotty From Marketing. has refused to condemn Colambaris for his actions and has wished him well in his endeavours in the French rugby league.

“The Dragons are the Sharkies of France” said Morrison.

“I’d be doing exactly the same if it was me.”

“In fact, I basically did exactly the same during the bushfires. I’m a big believer in high-powered people needing to take a break from the daily grind when it all gets a bit too much”

“I hope he gets the chance to sit in on one of Izzy’s sermons. I have and they are great!”


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