The non-stop media scrutiny surround Latrell Mitchell has fire up once again tonight, as the the Rabbitohs star prepares for his first rugby league match in over two months.

After years of non-stop clickbait commentary surrounding the 22-year-old’s every movement, tonight’s match is being viewed as the ultimate test as to whether or not he is fit enough to play in the fullback position.

Fox Sports staff writers have been burning the midnight oil this week in their efforts to find new angles, in their efforts to present Latrell as someone who is much more sinister and divisive than the cheerful footy star we’ve seen win two back to back premierships in his four year career.

“This is his reckoning” writes one obese 45-year-old staff writer who would prefer to not put his name to his story.

“After the reports that he appeared predictably unfit after returning from his time off during the quarantine stages of the COVD-19 lockdown, questions now surround Mitchell’s ability to play football without getting puffed like a normal person usually would during a professional NRL match”

With no solid insight into Latrell’s match fitness outside of the three or four photos that a Fox Sports paparazzi took of him at a team training session four weeks, the reporter says the best way too tell if Latrell Mitchell is unfit is to keep a close eye on his bodily functions during the match.

“Latrell is known for needing to drink water at half-time, tonight’s match will be the determining insight into whether or not those days are behind him”

“Sources close to the Rabbitohs camp say Mitchell is also still highly dependent on breathing heavily, just to get through even the most simple training drills”

Unlike anyone else who plays rugby league competitively, Latrell Mitchell is known for adapting to a deeper breathing pattern to facilitate greater oxygen absorption during strenuous exercise.

“Will it be the same tonight?” asks the Fox Sports staff writer.

“Can Mitchell play a full eighty minutes without needing to take part in the cellular respiration process of moving air into and out of his lungs to facilitate bringing in oxygen and flushing out carbon dioxide out of his body

“Only time will tell”


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