An incredibly anti-social and provocative pub regular at Betoota’s Lord Kidman Hotel has today rubbed up a couple out-of-towners with his brash behaviour.

In the space of an hour or so, Glenn Stokes (45) has gone from yelling at the TV screen during several ill-fated bets on the ponies – to flat out abusing the new patrons he hasn’t seen before.

“What are you fucken looking at Sideshow Bob?!” Glenn spits at a curly-haired newcomer.

The intimidated guests, an extended family visiting town for a 40th, appear unsure about how to go about the man’s volatile behaviour.

After 45 minutes of it, one the guests has had enough.

“What’s this blokes fucken problem?” he asks the publican, after watching Glenn being physically restrained from fighting another local at the end of bar.

“Oh, don’t mind him” says the publican.

“He’s The Messiah’s brother. He’s got a few demons”

It all makes sense, and the guests nod and look at eachother. Glenn is the younger, shitter, brother of Corey ‘The Messiah’ Stokes – a former 300-game Betoota Dolphins legend who played Origin back before Queensland used to win.

“He’s the Messiah’s brother” the now excited guests passes onto his fellow guests.

“No shit!?” says one of the others, who only minutes ago was preparing to flog a complete stranger.

“I thought he was just some lowlife drunk. I didn’t know we were in the presence of rugby league royalty!”

“He looks just like him. I’m gonna go have a yarn with him”

At time of press, Glenn Stokes was being asked if he was any good at footy in his day, and what his brother is getting up to nowadays.


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