A British man who works in recruiting or something has today shocked his local friendship group, by revealing that he doesn’t care about T20 cricket.

The huge admission comes after he spent last weekend’s pub sessions telling his mates that the English pretty much had two hands on the T20 World Cup.

Following a resounding victory over the Australians a couple of weeks ago, Will Barton reportedly decided that the star-studded English team would go on and get the job done.

When India bombed out before the semi-finals, Will’s prediction of English dominance only grew louder, seeing a semi-final against the Kiwis as a mere formality.

However, his confident gloating has come to an abrupt end today, after an incredible capitulation against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi.

Posting a total of 166, the English looked set to march onto the final when New Zeland’s two most notable batsmen were back on the sideline with a mere 13 runs on the board.

Things only seemed to get worse, with the Black Caps eventually needing 57 runs off the last 24 balls, a feat that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen.

However, in traditional English fashion, their national sporting stars somehow found a way to underperform and let Jimmy Neesham and Daryl Mitchell go to town in the final overs.

While the huge comeback has sent the humble kiwis into a frenzy about their performance relative to their population size, Barton says he actually couldn’t care less.

“Who cares?” he laughed.

“T20 is meaningless anyway”

“It’s the ODI World Cup that matters”

“I don’t even care about the Ashes really,” finished the man about the upcoming summer of cricket that doesn’t bode well for his nation.


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