Betoota’s Flight Path district has played host to a shocking sporting incident this weekend.

An elderly football (soccer) referee was rushed to hospital yesterday after collapsing at the Theodoros Zagorakis Memorial Field.

Ambulances were called to the scene after the referee lost consciousness following an argument about one of his decisions.

The referee by the name of George Zimbolis reportedly fell to the ground after stepping outside of the centre circle during play.

The centre circle is the marked area in the middle of the pitch, where kick-offs are taken, and older blokes who seemingly hate refereeing refuse to step outside of while adjudicating the game.

The rogue action by the man who usually takes less than 100 steps during an entire match of football reportedly caused a bout of dizziness that led to him collapsing.

One of the players in the 3rd Div match explained that the old boy went to make a call about an offside he called from 30 metres away and accidentally step outside the ‘Ref Zone.’

“He just started stumbling and waving a card around before collapsing,” explained Sally Grace, one of the strikers for the Flight Path Fleas.

“We obviously thought the worst, but then someone pointed out that he’d actually just strayed too close to the goal and lost track of his sense.”

“Apparently he’s going to make a full recovery.”

“Let’s hope he learns his lesson.”

“What’s next? He won’t be refereeing to us as girls?”

More to come.


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