The man in charge of running the Australian Football League has today suggested that maybe it’s time to possibly start thinking about doing what the NRL has been working on for the last month, or like something like that.

This comes after the runt of the Australian sporting litter Rugby, announced today that even it has a road map for the rest of the season.

Speaking to the media today in the self-titled most cosmopolitan city in the country, AFL boss Gillon McLachlan explained that they are going to discuss what to do about getting their code playing footy again.

This comes as the NRL ploughs closer to a start date, and AFL players aren’t allowed to train in more than groups of two in line with their Victorian overlords in Melbourne.

The man who certainly can’t be described as a wartime leader like Peter V’landys, Scott Morrison, and John Curtin, said that ‘they are gonna work something out.’

“Yeah I have been busy sorting through all those problems,” said McLachlan who wasted all of his political clout on getting an au pair past border force for his blue blood cousins in South Australia.

It’s not known how far the Victorian leg tennis code desires to be behind the Rugby League, who are planning to start on May 28.

“It’s really wierd, what’s going on,” explained one of the Melbourne ex-pats named Banjo Clemente living in our town’s French Quarter.

“Like, credit where credit’s due, the AFL is often a fair way ahead of the NRL on things like grassroots, AFLW, crowd numbers and the fact it owns that big old stadium down there in Geelong.”

“So why are we so far behind on getting up and running again?”

“Strange, I’m not sure what these blokes have been doing in iso for the last 2 months, cause it certainly hasn’t been golf.”

More to come.


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